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Post by Jack on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:08 pm

As with most forums, there are rules that you will be required to follow. Please keep these in mind before posting.

  1. The forums are a place to discuss LEGO products, creations, and more. One of the most important rules we ask is that you stay on topic, unless the topic concerns something broad like "What intellectual property would you like to see as a LEGO theme?", as the topic for such a subject will change frequently as new users post their suggestions.

  2. Please keep your profanity to a minimum on the forums. You are allowed to post it in a creation for comedic effect, or in a post every once in a while, but do not swear excessively. We want our forums to be a friendly environment, but we also don't want to restrict anyone from having fun. We will give you a strike if you make a post or creation with excessive swearing. Certain words on the forum are unnacceptable will be censored.

  3. Please refrain from discussing or posting any creations regarding inappropriate topics. Such topics include current politics, religion, drug use, and sexual themes. This is a much more serious offense than profanity, and will be treated as such. Any creations or posts containing topics we deem inappropriate will be removed and the severity of the topic will depend on how many strikes you receive. For instance, any topics about sexual themes or drug use will result in two strikes, but political or religious topics will be given one strike, unless they are intended to incite anger among users.

  4. Trolling will not be allowed under any circumstances. Trolling refers to any posting that is intentionally made to incite anger or annoyance in other users, usually for the original poster's enjoyment. This is the only rule to not be associated with the three strikes. This is becausee while we believe in second chances, we also take trolling very seriously and know that many people who troll once will likely troll again in the future. You will be marked with a warning the first time, and permanently banned if you break this rule a second time.

  5. Make sure you know the difference between criticism and being rude. A lot of builds posted in the forums will be simple, and that's okay. Not everyone is a master builder or customizer. Instead of insulting a user's abilities, try giving them advice for improvement in the future.

  6. We welcome a sense of humor to Brick Banter, as it can make for great discussion and clever LEGO creations. But inappropriate humor focused around certain topics that are considered serious to some will not be tolerated. Basically, if it's a joke you think you would hear on South Park, do not post it.

  7. If your creation is based on an intellectual property that is intended for a mature audience, you are allowed to share it on the forums, but keep any mature themes to a minimum. For instance, if you create a custom minifigure of a horror movie character, you are allowed to provide pictures of it "killing" other minifigures as long as the death is not too detailed.

  8. For those wanting to discuss off-topic matters, a series of forums for this will be available. Please post any non-LEGO discussion in those forums.

  9. The most important rule is to have fun and participate in discussion amongst other users. This website is meant to bring LEGO fans together, not cause chaos among them.

Thank you, and happy posting!

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